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Friends of the Region
Listed below are a few of the services ABCRGR provides to our region churches: 

  • Preparing men and women for ordained ministry
  • Leadership training for laity and clergy in response to changing needs
  • Support in healing the harm caused by conflict
  • Teaching church leaders strategies which lead to growth
  • Resources for organizational and governance challenges and referrals to legal and other service providers
  • Coaching and support in finding a new pastor
  • Special guests from Home and Overseas Missions
  • Pastoral support for pastors

All of these services are made possible through your church's support of United Mission. While some similar church bodies charge dues, apportionments and fees for services, ABCRGR continues to provide these services without charge. We are thankful for the continued strong support from our churches. Sixty-four percent (64%) of every dollar given to United Mission comes back to the region to support region churches.

In total dollars, the region receives about one third of its overall support from United Mission. At one time, over half of the total budget was provided by United Mission support. Just as giving has diminished in many congregations, so have gifts to United Mission decreased. But no matter the level of support received from any church, all available services are provided to congregations on an equal basis.

The challenge today is making fewer United Mission dollars stretch without cutting back on the services provided. We have been successful at doing this because of individual gifts to the FRIENDS OF THE REGION ANNUAL CAMPAIGN. The generosity of individual members has helped sustain regional services to all churches in the region.

If every member who has never given a gift to the FRIENDS OF THE REGION campaign gave, we would not only plug the hole left by diminished United Mission, but we would have even more opportunity to provide resources that would help churches grow in their witness. Please consider a gift to the FRIENDS OF THE REGION.

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