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Information about Ordination or Recognition of Your Ordination through ABC Rochester/Genesee Region

Ordination in the ABC Rochester/Genesee Region is a shared venture involving the candidate, the local church, and the Rochester/Genesee Region. Ordination grants recognition to the person’s calling, fitness, and preparation for a ministry and confers upon such person its approval of her/his place among peers. The local church ordains; by going through the regional ordination process and having the region affirm that the candidate meets the credentials therein, the candidates local church ordination is automatically granted regional, and therefore denominational, recognition of that ordination.

Churches and agencies within the American Baptist Churches of Rochester/Genesee Region may wish to call a person who has been previously ordained through another denomination or affiliation and have that person’s ordination recognized through ABCRGR. Recognition does not replace the original ordination. Rather, it allows candidates who are serving as professional clergy in the Rochester/Genesee Region to have a ministerial standing in the American Baptist Churches USA.

Please see the guidelines for each of these categories posted below. If you would like to enter the process, please contact Executive Minister Rev. Dr. Sandra Hasenauer.