Our Mission

Our mission

Our mission is to support congregations in developing leaders who transform lives. As we go about our work, we are shaped by the values of respect, Godly justice and reconciliation.

We respect one another as children of God, holding one another in positive esteem, even when we hold different understandings of belief and celebrate with different traditions. Godly justice has to do with loving enemies, refusing to fight back, rejecting the desire to punish and coerce. 

The justice of God is revealed in the death and resurrection of Jesus, when love triumphed over power and evil. God’s justice has been revealed separate from the legal realm, apart from the law. God keeps working to heal brokenness, as should we. Reconciliation is an element of salvation that refers to the results of atonement. 

Reconciliation is the end of estrangement caused by sin between God and humanity and between sister and brother. We believe that we know God better when we are reconciled with all of God’s people.

As we join together in God’s work, we are directed by the following areas of concentration:

• We embrace diversity as a gift from God.

• We are intentional about building relationships between individuals, congregations, and ecumenical and interfaith communities.

• Through our regional relationships we support one another in faith formation for adults, youth and children; encourage the sharing of spiritual gifts and resources; promote innovative leadership; and encourage practices that lead to the transformation of lives.

• With hopeful spirits, we nurture and celebrate a culture open to new ways of supporting existing congregations and nurture new congregations and ministries.

• We support individuals and churches in intentional acts of mercy and justice in their neighborhoods, communities and the world and by speaking truth to power through witness, education, stewardship and actions.

(From ABC Rochester/Genesee Region Constitution,1979, Amended May 31, 2020)