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Ordination and Recognition

For information on ABCRGR's policies and procedures for ordination or recognition of ordination, click here.

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Child Safety Policies and Procedures

Churches must be safe spaces for all. We must raise our own awareness about potential issues and how to put simple practices into place that will help assure the safety of our youngest and most vulnerable members.

Click here to download a workshop from American Baptist Home Mission Societies on Child Abuse Prevention in Churches.

Click here for a sample policy created by First Baptist Church of Brockport, NY.

Click here to review the Safe Sanctuaries policy information from the United Methodist Church.

Church Law & Tax (a subsidiary of Christianity Today) produces excellent resources on child safety and abuse prevention. Click here to view.

Check your church insurance carrier for resources. The Region uses Church Mutual Insurance--click here for Church Mutual's offerings.

MinistrySafe is a complete child safety system that provides resources, training, and background checks.

ABCRGR provides trainings and webinars on this topic as well. You will find a recording of our November 2021 webinar "Litigation Prevention and Preparedness" with Rev. David Ball, Esq., at the bottom of this web page. To download the PowerPoint presentation from the webinar, click here.

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Church Management

These resources are available to help congregations ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, provide financial transparency, and ensure best practices in administration.

According to NYS non-profit regulations, all members of the managing board/s of a nonprofit institution must complete an annual Conflict of Interest reporting form. This includes churches. Click here to download the form that ABCRGR Executive Board completes every year to use as a sample.

Although churches are automatically granted nonprofit tax exemption, some grantors and some states require additional documentation that a church has 501(c)3 status. ABCRGR has 501(c)3 status under the ABCUSA's tax exemption. Because we are under ABCUSA umbrella, we cannot grant exemption to any of our individual churches. Each church has to apply for exemption directly with ABCUSA.

Click here for other church management resources available through ABCUSA.

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ABCUSA Denominational Resources

ABCUSA Annual Report

As part of the Five Common Criteria that hold us together as an associational body of congregations, churches are asked to complete an Annual Report in January every year.

Click here to review how the Annual Report is used and why congregational input is important to us as a denomination.

Click here for instructions on how to complete the report online.

ABCUSA Governing Documents

Click here to find governing documents of ABCUSA such as constitution and bylaws, budget covenant documents, and so forth.

ABCUSA Contact Information

Many of our denominational offices have moved in recent years. Click here to download the updated mailing addresses and contact information for ABCUSA ministries.

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ABCRGR 2021 Annual Report

Click the image above or here: ABCRGR 2021 Annual Report pdf

ABCRGR 2021 Financial Review

Click on the link below to download the 2021 ABCRGR Financial Review, including management letter, financial statements, and trends statement.

ABCRGR Financial Review 2021.pdf